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Industry Number 1 Limited, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU is the owner of awayoflifethefilm.com. The terms and policy set out under Terms and Conditions detail important information regarding customers’ personal information, our Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, Terms of Sale and Promotions. The terms will also set out how customers can interact with awayoflifethefilm via social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Our social media platforms will be referred as ‘services’ within the terms and conditions. Please read carefully all Policies and Terms of use before using our services, if at any point you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions set out please leave the website immediately. awayoflifethefilm.com may at any time terminate or suspend any part of the website without providing customers’ notice. If awayoflifethefilm decide to terminate a customer’s account and subscription they will be notified within a 24 hour period from contacting the customer. We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time, the most recent update was made on June 6th, 2018. TERMS OF SALES & PROMOTIONS You will have the option to subscribe to a newsletter which enables promotional content. In this circumstance awayoflifethefilm may ask for your personal information as well as age, occupation and style interests. This is to help us target our market and provide customers with services in which they are interested in. Awayoflifethefilm may use customer information to set up and manage their
(customer) accounts, this is to ensure that content on awayoflifethefilm.com is presented in the most effective manner. We may provide customers with information, products or services that we feel are of interest. COOKIE POLICY What are cookies? Cookies are small files that are stored in devices such as computers, phones and tablets. These files are sent from one website to another to promote items which interest you. Cookies are useful as they store your preferences so it helps with your browsing experience. The small files help filter adverts so you only see what interests you. Awayoflifethefilm.com uses cookies that are unique and help recognise you from other users, ultimately helping us provide you with the best service possible. Cookies do not contain confidential information such as payment details, contact information or home address. We do not exchange any cookies with other websites so you can browse in a secure environment. Please note that our affiliates and advertisers may also use cookies which are beyond our control. For more information on cookies on devices please visit
http://www.whatarecookies.com/ DISCLOSURE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION awayoflifethefilm will only pass on customers’ personal information to third parties if it is part of our service. Courier services may require personal information such as name, contact number and home address in order to complete our services, i.e. delivery. YOUR RIGHTS Customers have the right to ask us not to process personal information for marketing purposes. We will inform customers if we intend to disclose any information to any third parties. If customers decide not to receive marketing and/or promotional information they have an option to unsubscribe. If clear instructions are given by customers termination of accounts and subscriptions will be immediate. If customers would like to exercise the right of termination or change any information, please contact customer services via email at
info@awayoflifethefilm.com​. All the video and photography content on the site is copyrighted and belongs to Industry Number 1 Limited and should not be used in any other medium or content without gaining permission from the proprietary holders first (Industry Number 1 Limited).

Products must be returned in new and unworn condition, with all original packaging, tags, and certificates of authenticity. Any product(s) returned without their original packaging and documentation will be rejected.
Any product(s) that have been resized, altered or otherwise damaged after delivery will not be accepted for return.